• Three new AGMA publications

    The AGMA Technical Division recently announced the following publications: 
    ANSI/AGMA 6000-C20, Specification for Measurement of Linear Vibration on Gear Units (Replaces ANSI/AGMA 6000-B96)
    This standard presents a method for the measurement of linear vibrations on a gear unit. Instrumentation, measuring methods, test procedures and discrete frequency vibration limits are recommended for acceptance testing to confirm integrity. An annex which lists system effects on gear unit vibration and responsibility is also provided.
    AGMA 946-A21, Test Methods for Plastic Gears
    This information sheet describes test methods and recommended documentation practices for determining load carrying capacity and wear performance of plastic gears. It describes test methods for plastic gears related to dynamic testing where two gears rotate against each other under controlled load and velocity, as well as static testing where a gear is held stationary while a load is applied to one or more of the gear’s features, or pulsator testing where the test gear is not rotating, but the load is pulsed repeatedly until fatigue failure occurs.
    AGMA ISO 10064-1-A21, Code of Inspection Practice — Part 1: Measurement of Cylindrical Gear Tooth Flanks
    This information sheet provides a code of practice dealing with measurements on flanks of individual cylindrical involute gears, i.e. with the measurement of pitch, profile, helix and tangential composite characteristics. It describes measuring equipment, provides advice for gear measuring methods and for the analysis of measurement results, and discusses the interpretation of results.
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