• AGMA TDEC Report - August 2022

    For your review and records, the August 2022 AGMA TDEC Report is attached.  This report includes general updates from AGMA, milestones that have been reached in document development projects, and then summary status of all AGMA and ISO committees.
  • 2022 Fall Technical Meeting Registration is Now Open

    2022 Fall Technical Meeting Registration is Now Open

    October 17-19 | Rosemont, IL | REGISTER

    Registration for the 2022 Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) is now open. This is the premier annual AGMA scholarly event, with 20+ research papers and accompanying presentations on gear-related topics. Each FTM attendee with full registration will receive a copy of each paper, as well as be able to attend each presentation and ask questions during the Q&A sessions.


    This year's FTM will be broken up into five sessions:

    • Session 1 - Efficiency, Lubrication, Noise, & Vibration
    • Session 2 - Inspection & Analysis
    • Session 3 - Manufacturing
    • Session 4 - Application, Design, & Rating
    • Session 5 - Testing & Failure

    Papers names and abstracts are listed on the FTM webpage.